PolyK Technologies
Specialized in high voltage dielectric, piezoelectric, and smart materials, test instruments, and applications 
  1. Advanced Film Capacitors: High energy density with energy density 2~3 J/cc (packaged >30 kJ), High temperature film capacitors with operation temperature > 150 deg C (packaged >100 uF).
  2. High voltage dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric test instruments with low cost.
  3. Provide test services on high voltage dielectric and ferroelectric materials, including routine high voltage test, dielectric test, and polymer morphology and property test.
  4. Pilot-scale roll-to-roll production of functional polymer films by extrusion (450 mm wide), solution casting (350 mm wide), and machine direction orientation (650 mm wide)
  5. Provide various dielectric materials and ultrathin dielectric films for R&D: capacitors, printed electronics, flexible electronics, wearable electronics, loudspeaker and microphone membrane, etc.
Contact us at admin@polyktech.com 2124 Old Gatesburg Rd, State College, PA 16803, USA

17,000 sf chemical lab, film/ capacitor test facilities, pilot production facilities from thin capacitor films to prototype capacitors.

Film Extrusion and Orientation
1~20 m/min, up to 650 mm wide
Solution Casting for Specialty Film: 350 mm wide, 3 m/min, 4.5 m 3-zone dryer, on Mylar release film, 2 um to 50 um thick
Capacitor Winding
Capacitor Zinc Spray
Our Expertise

Polymers with high dielectric constant for high energy density film capacitors.

Electroactive, electromechanical polymers with strong response to electric field (EAP actuator).

Piezoelectric polymers that respond to pressure (sensor and energy harvesting) or temperature (pyroelectric and IR sensor), including PVDF, PVDF-TrFE, and PVDF-TrFE-CFE

High-temperature capacitor film and film capacitors for >125 C

Design of special high voltage and dielectric test equipment controlled by LabView program.

Bridge polymer science, R2R film production, their electrical & piezoelectric response, and final applications

PolyK High Voltage Dielectric & Ferroelectric Test Instruments: Easy to use and low cost, sold to over ten countries --> we can help young scientists to set up a new lab with limited budget.
  1. Turnkey dielectric test, dielectric constant and loss vs temperature and frequency
  2. Dielectric test under high voltage DC bias up to 4000 V
  3. Ferroelectric polarization loop and dielectric breakdown test
  4. TSDC/Pyroelectric, & leakage current test (10 kV)
 Our Capabilities

In-house comprehensive characterization tools of polymer compositions and morphologies (DMA, DSC, FTIR).

High voltage test up to 125 kV.

Dielectric test setup from pF to mF, from -150 deg C to >1,000 deg C.

Capacitor test systems for charge-discharge and lifetime under high voltage and various temperatures enabled by high power fast switches.

Pilot scale capacitor film production from 150 mm wide film to 450 mm film with in-line automatic thickness control and temperature > 450 deg C.

Roll-to-roll film stretching machine with width of 650 mm and temperature of 250 deg C. Specially designed for thin film <10 um.

High Voltage Dielectric Test Facilities - one of the most comprehensive test center in US

Piezoelectric PVDF Film
high d33 & d31
Optical Transparent Grade