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Low-Cost Plastic Polymer Rubber Processing Machines

        October, 2016: PolyK is now official exclusive sales agent in North America for Guangzhou Potop for their plastic and rubber processing machines and rheometers. They are one of the best manufacturers of the lab-scale extruders and film orientation machines and others. They have sold over 500 machines to many universities, including several customers in the US.


        Unlike other Chinese manufacturers who are trying to use cheap components to reduce the cost, POTOP always uses international brands (ABB®, Siemens®, Schneider® etc) in their machines and they have the engineering capability to design processing machines based on customer requirement.


        We are working with them to bring R&D machines with Made-in-China Price & Short lead time with Made-In-Germany quality.

Most machines are designed for both laboratory lab-scale R&D and pilot-production.

Main products include but not limited to:

  • Rubber forming machines: extruder, roll calender, mill, press vulvanizer, etc.
  • Polymer Rheo-station for characterization the rheology of various polymer materials, including modular version and standalone version, torque rheometer or capillary rheometer.
  • Filter pressure value testing equipment

For more information, please contact admin@polyktech.com


From R&D (grams) to Pilot Production (100’s kg)

Combining Made-In-China Price & Short Lead Time with Made-In-Germany Quality


--- You may find other Chinese manufacturers offering even lower price than us, but with poor quality due to their poor technical capability and the use of low-cost steel/controllers to cut cost  -- some of them are produced by duplicating our design. Our plastic and rubber processing machines are all designed by our engineers and they may cost more than others, but we promise to use the best construction materials and reliable controllers. We also have the engineering capability to tailor design the machines based on your special requirement.

        Plastic and rubber processing machines produced by the best manufacturers in China are now offered to customers in North America by PolyK with US-based customer support: While high-speed production machines made in China are still lag behind these made in Germany, the lab-scale and pilot-scale processing machines made in China now offer similar quality at much lower cost and faster deliver time than their peers in Germany.

        Similar to these made in Europe and US, as shown in the pictures of PolyK website, these Chinese processing machines also have

  1. Integrated modern control system with European/US brand PLC and temperature controllers and interlock safety features. Most of them have touch-screen control panel.
  2. The performance has been verified by many local and global customers as the original manufacturer sell more than 100 machines/year and accumulated lots of field experience -- significantly more than their peers in the west.
  3. In addition to 30%-70% cost saving, many machines can be delivered in less than three months (including ocean freight) and you do not need to wait for one year to use your new machine.

        These machines have been sold to many universities and the R&D division of large companies in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Middle East, and South America. Now PolyK is introducing them to customers in the US/Canada.