Professional 3D Printing Filament Extruder < $35K USD

 Prepare your own 3D filament with unique functions for electrical, optical, or biological applications.
        This is not a filament extruder for fun. It is a serious professional filament extruder with advanced control systems for small scale or commercial production and it is designed and built by one of the best plastic extruder manufacturers. While our machines have been duplicated by many competitors, we are continuously improving its performance by using better design and high quality construction materials and European PLC/temperature controllers.
  1. In-line laser diameter gauge monitor the filament diameter and closed-loop feedback to control winding speed and ensure consistent filament diameter.
  2. Process development, cost control and small-scale production.
  3. Using SIEMENS touch operation, real-time display of the running state, alarm information and system parameters.
  4. PID temperature control, the accuracy up to ±1.
  5. The traction unit using imported servo motor drive and is composed of the closed-loop control system with diameter measuring instrument, can quickly response to a host of speed changewhich can quickly respond to the change of the speed of the extruder.    
  6. Using European servo motor drive, to ensure the accuracy and stable tension control and winding.
  7. In-line laser gauge to monitor the filament diameter to ensure diameter accuracy better than 0.1 mm

Production Scale 3D Filament Extrusion System
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Plastic and rubber processing machines produced by the best manufacturers in China are now offered to customers in North America by PolyK with US-based customer support: While high-speed production machines made in China are still lag behind these made in Germany, the lab-scale and pilot-scale processing machines made in China now offer similar quality at much lower cost and faster deliver time than their peers in Germany.

        Similar to these made in Europe and US, as shown in the pictures of PolyK website, these Chinese processing machines also have

  1. Integrated modern control system with European/US brand PLC and temperature controllers and interlock safety features. Most of them have touch-screen control panel.
  2. The performance has been verified by many local and global customers as the original manufacturer sell more than 100 machines/year and accumulated lots of field experience -- significantly more than their peers in the west.
  3. In addition to 30%-70% cost saving, many machines can be delivered in less than three months (including ocean freight) and you do not need to wait for one year to use your new machine.
        These machines have been sold to many universities and the R&D division of large companies in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Middle East, and South America. Now PolyK is introducing them to customers in the US/Canada.

--- You may find other Chinese manufacturers offering even lower price than us, but with poor quality due to their poor technical capability and the use of low-cost steel/controllers to cut cost  -- some of them are produced by duplicating our design. Our plastic and rubber processing machines are all designed by our engineers and they may cost more than others, but we promise to use the best construction materials and reliable controllers. We also have the engineering capability to tailor design the machines based on your special requirement.