Polymer - Aluminum Lamination Machine for Lithium Ion Battery

  1. Polymer - Aluminum lamination machine for lithium ion battery packaging at low cost: 30%~ 50% cost saving comparing with Germany/Japan machines.
  2. Performance verified in commercial production: used by major Chinese lithium ion battery manufacturers
  3. In-line PP/PE extrusion with melt pump (Germany IKV) and filter exchanger, vertical die casting.
  4. In-line corona treatment and pinning, and in-line edge trimming.
  5. Interlock and safety features all included
  6. Quick delivery

A lamination machine under test in the manufacturing plant before shipping to customer

PolyK Aluminum Polymer Lamination Lithium Ion Battery

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--- You may find other Chinese manufacturers offering even lower price than us, but with poor quality due to their poor technical capability and the use of low-cost steel/controllers to cut cost  -- some of them are produced by duplicating our design. Our plastic and rubber processing machines are all designed by our engineers and they may cost more than others, but we promise to use the best construction materials and reliable controllers. We also have the engineering capability to tailor design the machines based on your special requirement.