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Piezoelectric PVDF Film

       We provide limited quantity piezoelectric PVDF and PVDF-TrFE film for research and development. The film is uniaxially oriented to obtain the active beta phase, then poled under corona to achieve high piezoelectric coefficient d33 (> 25 pC/N) and d31. Detailed datasheet will be provided soon. 
       Because our piezoelectric film is specially produced, their d31 and d33 are significantly higher than commercial film. For example, in certain film products, d31 and d33 can be higher than 30 or 35 pC/N.
       While currently we have piezoelectric film with thickness of 12 um, 18 um, 30 um, 40 um, 80 um, 100 um in 175 mm x 250 mm size, other thickness and size can be produced based on customer request. Unlike commercial film which already has electrodes, our film is produced without any electrodes so the customers can deposit electrode based on their own design. We also provide service to help the customer to deposit silver, gold, and platinum electrode.

PolyK Ultrathin Flexible Transparent Speaker Made with PVDF

PolyK Transparent Fleixble Piezoelectric Speaker

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Thick Piezoelectric PVDF Sheet 2 mm Thick
Very thick piezoelectric PVDF sheet with thickness of 2 mm. Resonance frequency below 100 kHz, d33 > 30 pC/N, for R&D.

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