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PolyK Advanced Film Capacitors

PolyK is one of few companies with direct expertise and in-house facilities to vertically integrate the film capacitor supply chain. Our expertise include polymer science (material formulations), ultrathin film R2R production (extrusion, solvent casting, and orientation), morphology, thermal, high voltage, and dielectric characterization of film and capacitors, capacitor design, modeling, winding, impregnation, and test -- all at PolyK. This helps us to address the development from an interdisciplinary point of view, not only from materials or capacitor.
We have demonstrated that several widely held opinions are incorrect even though they are very popular in the film capacitor industry and in many peer-reviewed publications due to our interdisciplinary expertise. 
We never work on exotic materials, we only work on practical solutions with both cost and technical advantages.
We have the in-house capability to:
  1. Produce >100 m long ultrathin dielectric film with thickness <5 um and with operation temperature > 200 C
  2. Produce high energy density film capacitors with energy density of 2-3 J/cc and long cycle life or DC lifetime [>20 kJ capacitor units]
  3. Produce high temperature film capacitors with operation temperature >125 C and operation field >200 V/um, but of course still with reasonable cost [100 uf -1000 uF capacitor]