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PolyK Dielectric Test Turnkey System & TSDC, Resistivity, Pyroelectric Test

An Affordable Turnkey Test System costs as low as $20,000
Control Software + 4284A LCR Meter + Temperature Chamber + Fixture (Five Specimens) + One Year Warranty

Expandable to TSDC (Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Current), High Voltage Resistivity/Conductivity, and Pyroelectric Current Measurement

Main Applications: evaluate the dielectric properties of polymers, ceramics, and nanocomposites.
Reliable but at much lower cost than Novocontrol dielectric test system

  1. This low-cost turnkey test system can be used to measure capacitance (dielectric constant) and dissipation factor or other types of complex impedance parameters of dielectric materials as a function of temperature and frequency.
  2. It includes a temperature chamber, test fixture with five specimens, Agilent/HP LCR meter 4284A (or others), a laptop computer with test control program + connection cables.
  3. The test fixture is integrated with an environment chamber with shielded low impedance high temperature connections.
  4. Temperature High: 250 °C, all connections are rated for 250 °C with Teflon or Kapton insulation.
  5. Temperature Low: the chamber has liquid nitrogen cooling adapter < -180 °C test.
  6. Frequency: recommended for 20 Hz to 1 MHz (4TP shielded connections) with Agilent/HP 4284A LCR meter. Also work with other LCR meters (Keysight E4980A, 4294A, Quadtech 7600 etc.)
  7. High Sensitivity: can accurately measure dielectric dissipation factor tand < 0.1%
  8. Multiple Specimen Test: during one temperature ramp, up to 4 samples can be tested with shielded relays to automatically switch between samples.
  9. Specimen 0 is directly connected to LCR meter without relay for high sensitivity test.
  10. Grounding electrode made with 99.9% silver plate for high electrical conductivity (Ag2O is still conductive).
  11. Top probes are spring loaded and gold-plated. The force of the spring can be adjusted by users. Perfect for measuring soft polymer samples with minimal damages.
  12. One additional thermocouple installed close to samples under test and the temperature can be recorded by the test program. The air temperature of the chamber is also recorded by the LabView program.
Cost-saving: if you already have an LCR meter or impedance analyzer, we can provide the temperature chamber, test fixture, and computer program. Currently, our program is compatible with Agilent, HP, Keysight 4284A, E4980, 4294A, Quadtech 7600, Microtest 6630, etc.

LabView Control Program: Automatic Control LCR Meter and Temperature Chamber
  1. Test controlled by the LabView program which  automatically controls and record the temperature, frequency, and number of specimens.
  2. In temperature ramp mode, the test temperature automatically increases/decreases with preset rates (°C/min) and high/low T, while the program continuously changes the test frequency & sample.
  3. In isothermal scan mode, each specimen will be tested from lowest frequency to highest frequency once the temperature stabilize.
  4. In Time mode, the measurement is performed at constant temperature, and perform one scan after preset time period lapse.
  5. Executable file, customers do not need to purchase LabView license.
  6. LabView program also allows user use computer to set the LCR meter (frequency range, compensation, test speed, average, etc)
Expandable: Similar to Novocontrol Broadband Dielectric Test System, this system can be used to measure high voltage/high temperature leakage current (conductivity, resistivity), TSDC (thermally stimulated depolarization current), pyroelectric current by adding new test fixture and meters such as Keithley 6514 or 6517 electrometer.

Please check the brochure at the bottom of this page for more information.
Potential customers can send their samples for a free test.

Test of High Capacitance PZT Specimens (150 nF)

PolyK Tech,
Jul 30, 2017, 6:35 PM