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PolyK Piezoelectric Film

For ordering piezoelectric PVDF or PVDF-TrFE resin or film, please visit our new online piezo store at www.piezopvdf.com

We are one of few manufacturers of piezoelectric PVDF film using roll-to-roll process in the US.
  1. In-house roll-to-roll production of piezoelectric PVDF film with thickness from 10 um to >200 um: consistent quality and low cost.
  2. Beta Phase PVDF film (non poled) with high optical transparency: you can design your own poling pattern for special applications.
  3. Poled PVDF film with high d33 and d31 (>30 pC/N) with our proprietary film production (extrusion & orientation) and poling process using the best PVDF resin
  4. Produce special thickness film based on application with short lead time
  5. Supply paper-size film for R&D to >100 m long film for OEM
  6. Special electrodes can be applied based on required: sputtered gold, silver paste, ITO, silver nanowire (transparent), etc.
  • Energy harvesting from mechanical vibration (piezoelectric) or thermal energy (Pyroelectric)
  • Flexible actuators
  • Loudspeakers and microphones (transparent and flexible): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCjqgMVjHGk
  • Piezoelectric force sensors
  • Ferroelectric memories
  • Ultrasound transducers and receiver with reasonable frequency > 1 MHz: better mechanical impedance match with air
  • Haptics system for smart phones and tablets, wearable electronics, etc.