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PolyK Test HV Dielectric Instruments

For more information about our products to support R&D in piezoelectric, pyroelectric, or high voltage dielectric products, please visit our new website www.piezopvdf.com 

PolyK engineers have test hundreds of thousands of samples for dielectric constant/loss, ferroelectric polarization loop, dielectric breakdown strength, and others. The hands-on experience is very unique so they fully understand how the material scientists use the instruments and what are their objectives of each test.
Our test instrument is always low-cost, easy to use, and we have helped several professors build their entire dielectric and ferroelectric test lab with very limited budgets.
PolyK is proud to provide low-cost test systems to young and experienced scientists, particularly for those who are working on the emerging polymer materials. Examples of our test systems include, but not limited to:
  1. Turnkey dielectric spectroscopy: a truly inexpensive test system with cost as low as $20,000 including refurbished Agilent/HP/Keysight precision LCR meter (20 Hz - 1 MHz), temperature chamber with liquid nitrogen cooling (-184 C to 250 C), five-channel sample fixture,  and computer control software.
  2. Dielectric constant (capacitance) and dissipation factor test under high voltage DC bias (+/-4000 V, 20 mA). With PolyK protection circuit, the dielectric breakdown of the test specimen will not damage the expensive LCR meter. Frequency from 100 Hz to 100 kHz. Temperature control with our standard chamber.
  3. TSDC, High Voltage Leakage, and Pyroelectric Test System: this system provides a test fixture and computer program to allow users to use Keithley 6517 electrometer to measure weak current (< pA) at different voltages and temperatures. It can be integrated with the dielectric test system by sharing the same temperature chamber to save cost.
  4. Polarization Loop and High Voltage Dielectric Test System is developed during our internal R&D on high energy density film capacitors. It is a low cost but fully automatically test system to allow users to collect the polarization loop of ferroelectric and dielectric materials and automatically report the energy density and charge-discharge efficiency, as well as measuring the dielectric breakdown strength.
  5. Capacitor Charge-Discharge System: This instrument allows the user to evaluate the discharge speed and energy density of small capacitors (100 pF to 100 uF) by using a high speed MosFET switch and a high power load resistor. Discharge speed at sub-microsecond can be measured.
  6. High Voltage Test fixture for dielectric breakdown and ferroelectric polarization loop in broad temperature range, particularly at below room temperature (low temperature or cryogenic temperature). With enclosed liquid nitrogen cooling as coolant and dielectric fluid to prevent air arc. 15 samples can be tested in a batch.
  7. Strain hysteresis "butterfly" measurement system and fixture for piezoelectric polymers and ceramics.
  8. Other test systems can be provided with customized design to integrate temperature, frequency, relative humidity, high voltage, or current. 
  9. To help our instrument customers, we also provide refurbished used Trek amplifiers: http://www.polyk-lab.com/product_instrument
  • Brochures can be downloaded here:
  • Overview of PolyK Test Instruments
  • Turnkey Dielectric Test System
  • Dielectric Test Under 4000 V DC Bias
  • Ferroelectric Polarization Loop and Dielectric Breakdown Test System
  • Capacitor Charge-Discharge Test System
  • Leakage Current, TSDC (thermally stimulated depolarization current), and Pyroelectric current measurement system
  • Tabletop film stretching machine
  • Butterfly Displacement Measurement System
  • PolyK Cryo- High Voltage Test Fixture (measure dielectric breakdown and polarization loop at below room temperature)

  • Email us for more information: admin@polyktech.com 
  • Local agents are welcome for outside US.