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R&D Materials and Films

We provide various dielectric materials with high dielectric constant and high temperature, as well as free-standing polymer dielectric film. Please check our other website for more information or online order:
  • Resins and films of PVDF homopolymer, PVDF-TrFE, PVDF-TrFE-CTFE, PVDF-TrFE-CFE, PVDF-HFP, PVDF-CTFE, PVDF-HFP-TFE, PVDF-TFE, etc.
  • Resins and films of PEI (Ultem, with Tg from 217 C to 260 C), polycarbonate (Tg from 145 C to 202 C), PESU, PPS, PET, PEN, Matrimid 5218, FPE, ETFE, PFA, FEP, etc.
  • Refurbished Trek amplifiers