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Refurbished Emitech Sputtering Machine

Contact us at admin@polyktech.com if you need more information. All used machines come with three month warranty. 
       Deposit thin electrode with excellent electrical conductivity is critical to many dielectric and high voltage test in dielectric and ferroelectric material studies. Thermal or E-Beam evaporation are time-consuming and usually take more than 2 hours to deposit one surface.
        Table-top sputtering machine such as Emitech K550X or similar models are original designed for preparing microscope specimens. It takes less than 10 minutes to deposit one surface with gold, silver, or platinum and it has been frequently used to prepare samples for the dielectric and high voltage test. While there are new models made in Asia with low cost, we still recommend the Emitech (or Quorum) made in UK with high quality. The plasma in the Emitech sputter machine is usually "cold" and will not thermally damage soft polymer samples.
        As we transition from lab scale development to pilot scale manufacturing, we are selling our lab scale test equipment. We have the following Emitech sputtering machines for sale. They are fully refurbished and cleaned. You will have everything you need to run it in your lab: Argon connection tubing (connector), Edwards RV3 or RV5 vacuum pump, vacuum tubing, power cord, etc.