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Refurbished Used Trek High Voltage Amplifiers

Trek High Voltage Power Supply and Amplifiers
Over 50 units fully refurbished in stock with all parts and high voltage cables, warranty, ship immediately no waiting time, shop online directly.
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Contact us by email for more information: sale@polyk-lab.com

        Trek high voltage power supplies and amplifiers are widely used in studying piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials for actuators, charge - discharge capacitors, performing polarization loop test, electrostatic, corona, speakers, etc. They have very stable DC output, broad bandwidth, fast response (high slew rate), serve as both power source and power sink, and very high reliability. In our lab, we have multiple Trek amplifiers made in 1990's and they are still working very well without any issue. Our engineers have compared the performance of several high voltage amplifiers, and Trek outperforms many of the other models.
Currently in stock for sale:
  • Model 610C, +/-10 kV/2 mA

  • Model 609A-3, +/-10 kV/2 mA

  • Model 609A-1, +/-2 kV/2 mA

  • Model 610B, +/-10 kV/2 mA

  • Model 10/10, +/-10 kV/10 mA

  • 601C-2-L-CE, +/- 500V/40 mA, dual output

  • Model 609C, 609D, +/-4 kV/20 mA

  • Trek PZD700-2, +/-700V/100 mA, dual output

  • Trek PZD350, +/-350V/200 mA

  • Trek 10/40A, +/-10kV/40 mA, slew rate of 750 V/us

  • Trek 5/80, +/-5kV/80 mA

  • Trek 20/20B, +/-20kV/20 mA

  • Trek 30/20A, +/-30kV/20 mA

  • Model 623B, +/-2 kV/80 mA