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Uniaxial Film Stretching Machines

            Uniaxial or biaxial film orientation and stretching can improve the dielectric breakdown strength of many polymers, particularly semicrystalline polymers such as polypropylene, PVDF, PET, PPS, PEEK, PEN, etc.
           We developed two kinds of lab scale film stretching machines for research and development in functional polymer film products.
  • A small stretching machine that can stretch up to 300 mm long film (1 mm - 200 mm wide) film.
  • A table-top machine direction orientation machine (MDO) that can stretch small rolls of polymer film > 100 m long (up to 300 mm wide) in a continuous roll-to-roll process
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      This machine has two stepper motors whose speed and direction can be controlled by LabView program. A hot wire (resistive heating) is used to warm up the film on top of it and only the warm film zone is stretched with minimal necking.

Table-top Roll-to-roll stretching machine with touch-screen controller

  • Unwinder: 75 mm diameter air expandable shaft
  • Three stretching rollers with rubber nip roller, driven by stepper motors, speed can be independently controlled.
  • Winding: DC Constant torque motor, 75 mm diameter expandable shaft

In addition, PolyK has a pilot-scale machine direction orientation MDO machine for customer to use with a daily charge. Film width can be up to 650 mm, and 11 oil-heated rollers with temperature up to 250 deg C. Line Speed 2-20 m/min.

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