MDO - Machine Direction Orientation

      PolyK has set up a very unique machine direction orientation (MDO) film line to develop and manufacture high performance ultrathin high temperature polymer film. This machine is designed such that it can be used for both research and development and also be used for pilot scale production of expensive specialty film.
        The MDO film machine is installed inside a cleanroom with HEPA filters and ULPA filters.
Typical specifications include:

    1. Roller Width: 650 mm

2. Roller Temperature: oil heaters up to 250 deg C + two infrared IR heaters in the stretching zones.

3. Line Speed:

• Unwind/Before Orientation: 0.2-2 m/min, Tension Controlled unwinding driven by servo motor, 3” or 6” ID core

• After Orientation and Winding: 2-20 m/min

4. Preheating: five rollers, 240 mm diameter

• Each roller temperature can be independently controlled.

• Four independent driving motors, the last two rollers share one drive.
• Each roller has a silicone rubber nip roller.

5. Stretching: three rollers, 159 mm diameter

• Each roller has independent temperature and speed control

• One-stage or two-stage stage stretching by changing roller speed
• Each roller has a silicone rubber nip roller.

• Roller gap adjustable.

6. Post-stretching Treatment: three Rollers, 240 mm diameter

• Two motors, last two rollers share one.

• Each roller has independent temperature control (three heaters)
• Each roller has a silicone rubber nip roller.

7. Edge Trimming: two position-adjustable razor blades

8. Winding: One position center surface winding, 3” or 6” ID core

• Tension control winding with maximal tension 5 kg or 10 kg (switchable), METTLER TOLEDO tension control system with a servo motor.
• One pull roller with rubber nip roller, independently driven.

• Designed for thin film (3 um to 25 um).

This unique MDO machine is available for rent on a daily base with attractive price. Please contact us for more information.