PolyK Film Production

We have heavily invested in roll-to-roll R2R pilot scale production of functional thin polymer films.
Our machines include:
Solvent Casting and Coating machine to produce 350 mm wide film from polymer solution by casting it on a Mylar release film and dry it with a 3-zone dryer with temperature up to 150 deg C. It uses reverse comma coating process and is ideal for 2 um to 50 um thick film with line speed of 3-5 m/min.
Machine Direction Orientation Machine: 650 mm wide roller, total 11 rollers with 5 preheating, 3 stretching (two steps), and 3 annealing, speed up to 20 m/min, oil-heated rollers with temperature up to 230 deg C.
Slitting Machine: can slit 5 um ultrathin BOPP with width of master rollĀ up to 600 mm
High Temperature Extrusion System: 450 mm wide die with temperature up to 450 deg C, autogauge die with in-line X-ray thickness gauge, with 1-1/4" diameter single screw extruder, made with special alloy so it can be used to produce FPA, FEP, and ETFE high temperature film, as well as PEEK, PPS, PEI, PSU, etc.

These machines are available for lease with a reasonable daily rate.